Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pop-Up Studio Schedule Feb. 9-20

*Participants can sign up at workshops for free additional studio time. Fees include all supplies, although personal wingdings and whatnots are welcome. Portable sewing machine ok.
Reservations Advised! Contact us to ensure your place at the workshops before we reach capacity.  

Location: 6819 Greene Street. Corner of Greene and Carpenter in West Mt. Airy, Philadelphia. 
Across from Weavers Way co-op, 1 block from Lincoln Drive. Accessible by public transportation.

 “Accessories from Found Paper”- $38,  3 hrs*
         Using everyday papers such as napkins, doilies, crepe and tissue paper.
         Tues, Feb 15, 6-9 pm;  Wed Feb. 16, 6-9 pm;  Sat., Feb 19, 3-6 pm;  

"Found Paper 3D Creations, For Artists and Teachers" - $35, 2.5 hrs 
          A special workshop geared towards art educators and artists. 
         Wed. Feb 9, 6-8:30pm  

“Serious Stripes: Vintage Silks to Household Goods and Personal Accessories”- $38,  3 hrs*
         Silks provided from Maeder's vintage trove
         Thurs. Feb 10, 6-9 pm or Sat. Feb 12, 9 am-12 pm

Beginners Workshop on Millinery Technique & Decorating Straw Hats ”- $48, 4 to 5 hrs*
         Learn wiring, shaping, and trimming. Vintage silks, ribbons and flowers, and straw hat base included
         Sat. Feb 19, 9 am-3 pm (With break for lunch. Consider nearby High Point CafĂ©)
         Sun. Feb 20, 1-6 pm.
*Kid Friendly
 Kids’ Workshop: “Make Accessories from Found Paper”- Adults & Kids, $12, 2 hrs*
         Sun., Feb. 13, 10 am-noon $12, For everyone (8yrs and up) 

"Old Fashioned Valentines" - Adults & Kids, $12, 2 hrs*
         Bring one or more photos or photocopies of yourself that can be cut.
         Sun., Feb 13, 1:30-3:30 pm.  For everyone  (6yrs and up)  

"Old Fashioned Valentines" - Young kids with adults, $10, 1 hr.*
         Bring one or more photos or photocopies of your child that can be cut.
         Sun. Feb 13. 4-5 pm.  For kids 3-5 yrs.

Illustrated Talk
“Color: Historic Inspiration” $10/students $5, 1 hr.  
        What colors work and why, with reference to historic uses of color. 
       “You’ve never thought about color like this!” 
       Sat. Feb 12, 4-5pm